Elham Morshedzadeh is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at Virginia Tech. Her research interest is about design evaluation and collaborative problem-solving. She received her Ph.D. in Industrial Design with a concentration in User-Product Interaction Evaluation from Chiba University, Japan in 2016. She has taught undergraduate courses internationally and in the U.S.

Her research focuses primarily on consumer product design and usability testing, and has been published in the Japanese Society of Science and Design Journal (Tokyo, Japan)A Matter of Design: Making Society Through Science and Technology (Milan, Italy) and the Honarhaye-Ziba Journal of Fine Art (Tehran, Iran). She has also presented at design conferences in Italy, Iran and Japan, and has served as an invited juror for design competitions.

In addition to teaching, Ms. Morshedzadeh has ten years of industry experience as an Industrial Designer in her home country of Iran, where she worked on a range of high-profile projects such as product designs for the National Bank of Iran to exterior illuminations for historical preservation sites.

For a full review of her academic and professional history, you may download the CV here.