Card reader case design for gas pumps (produced)

Client: National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Co., Tehran, Iran

In 2005, I was selected to design a case for the first smart card reader for Iranian National Oil Products Company.

The goal of the project was to provide the design of the first smart card reader at fuel pumps across Iran. I worked with a huge team of engineers and managers, working 24 hours a day to reach the deadline of this national project. My final design is still in use in all big and small cities across the country.

There are many different types of gas pumps used all over the country, and my design was adjustable to most of them. The most complicated one was the four nozzle gas pump which has a small empty area and I designed a case that two of them were capable of fitting into the empty areas. In this way my design provides the possibility of four people using the card reader at the same time.

It was an intensive teamwork in a massive scale. The final design was generated by the Mechanical Desktop software and the prototype was made from aluminium. The final moulds were produced based on my design’s prototype and high-pressure sheet metal forming production was used in the production.Despite obstacles such as financial limitations and lack of production equipment accessibility, the whole design process (before the mass production) took less than 4 months.