Roast: A coffee retail store

A collaborative project between sophomore Industrial Design and Interior Design students fat Virginia Tech. The goal was to design the interior, furniture and experience of a retail store. Students were also asked to create a demo video.

Student’s statement:

Providing coffee lovers of San Francisco a high-end, international store atmosphere offering exotic, gourmet blends they can cost-effectively brew at home.

1- Coffee roaster is directly ahead of the entry, acting as an attraction drawing in customers. while dispensers adjacent showcase the in-house roasted blends.

2- Three shelves respective to the three general coffee growing regions display a wide variety of exotic blends.

3- Accessories including coffee related books and ceramic ware are displayed in the front of the store on shelves lining the windows.

4- Copper rods stretch from floor to ceiling, forming a semi-perforous divide between the mezzanine and private space and the ground floor retail space.

5- Mezzanine is dedicated solely to coffee brewing machines and devices, set aside from the more frequently bought coffee products down below.

6- Cash wrap is located at front of the store, naturally sectioning off the window display and also serving as an information center.

7- Grinders are placed alongside the cash wrap for employee while being on display to the curious customer.

8- Private space is zoned at the back of the store and is completely partitioned off, door openings and fixtures out of the customer’s view.