San Plants: A retail plant nursery in San Francisco

A collaborative project between sophomore Industrial Design and Interior Design students fat Virginia Tech. The goal was to design the interior, furniture and experience of a retail store. Students were also asked to create a demo video.

Student’s statement:

San Plants is a retail plant nursery that incorporates house plants into the everyday life of the people of San Francisco, CA.

In San Francisco, a large portion of the population lives in small, urbanized apartments away from nature. We want to create a retail store that provides apartment owners of San Francisco with a natural product that is accessible, easy to take care of, and brings the benefits of nature into their homes.

Our products include succulents, cacti, air plants, bonsai trees, and tools. We carry six breeds of succulents including burro’s tail, jade, sedum, houseleek, aloe, and panda plants. The different breeds of air plants we carry are Mexican Ionantha which are very tough and bounce back quickly if forgotten about for a little bit. We also have Tillandsia Argentea Thin that are mint green, and have needlepoint foilage. The last breed of air plants we have are Ionantha Guatemalan. For bonsai trees we carry five different breeds. These include Bodhi trees, Boabab, Fius Retusa, Dwarf Schefflera, and Japanese Maple.In order to care for your plants, especially the bonsai trees we also have tools. These include butterfly sheer cutters, straight handle sheers, knob cutters, and wire cutters.