User-Product Interaction Evaluation – Contribution Model Concept of Affordance, Usability and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

(Conference Presentation)

Published in 5th STS Italia Conference Journal A Matter of Design: Making Society Through Science and Technology Politecnico de Milano Milan, Italy


Interaction as a dialogue between users and usable things should be considered more. The interaction is the basic part of all designs so it’s engaged in any design activity. This contribution model we propose is a synthetization of affordance concept with statistic humanity form of analysis. Affordance concept firstly emerged in ecological approach and then defined in interaction design. In confirmatory factor analysis, there is a hypothesis and two kinds of variables. Three categories of interaction, conventional, physical and functional presented by affordance concept basics are the unobserved variables in this model. The interactions that occur between user and product are the observed variable that their usability can be evaluated by reliable and validate questionnaires.