Workstation for Field Research

Student project

Sophomore project from Industrial Design Lab II at Virginia Tech. This was the students’ first experience with a buildup project.

Student’s statement:

How can I provide seating for a Field Researcher that offers mobility and a convenient position for recording data?

Field researchers may spend hours out in the field, collecting data, with nothing to sit on but the ground. This often results in uncomfortable positions held for long durations, in order to write down their observations.

The methods and the actions of field researchers varies between different scientific disciplines, ranging from social science to marine biology. However, the common activity that they all share is that they all go outside of the lab to record and observe aspects of life as they occur in a setting not controlled by the scientist.

Because the field researchers have to walk around on foot for relatively long distances, it is important that the load they carry is not too heavy or too bulky. Otherwise, the difficulty of carrying a seating device would outweigh the benefit of having seating in the first place–The goal is convenience.